Architecture in greece

When thinking about architecture, I cannot think about our life and the things that have affected in our life. How does the environment around us effect the daily decisions we make? How do the experiences throughout our life impact who we are and who we become? The people and surroundings we choose will ultimately decide the type of people we become.

"Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life” Ming Pei  In the following pages I will show you the works of important Greek and international architects who designed houses and hotels for prosperity and good life,  in Greece. The timeless Nikos Valsamakis. The Barcelonian Javier Barba with his"green" architecture. Aurelio Galfetti member of Mendrizio school, partners for years with Mario Botta. The award winning Deca architects. Very young talents like Kapsimali architects, Nefeli Chatzimina based in NY, Elisa Manolas the renowned Diversity, ISV Architects, Katerina Tsigarida from Thessaloniki the Kourkoulas / Kokkinou office, Kostas Gouzelis, Elena Stavropoulou, the stage office Stavros Papagianni and George Kyriazis.

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