Villa Jura, Alonissos


Like all the projects signed by the renowned Italian architect Enzo Testa, this contemporary summer house on the island of Alonissos is characterized by  its total  assimilation to the natural environment, a clean and sharp design and tall walls that “dissolve” in an olive grove. The unusual design of Villa Jura is that it is cut into a hill, with stone walls on each side and a planted area on the roof which helps it to blend well with the nature and curve of the hillside. As Testa explains ”the house was designed in the shape of a fan that embraces the landscape in an energetic, dynamic way, as if it wants to incorporate it and make it part of itself. Due to the curvature of the lateral walls, the building develops a special relation with the environment, the sun and the air, the primary elements to which it owes its existence and identity”.
Glass doors lead to a teak terrace which runs the full length of the house and allows spacious areas for outdoor dining. The mix of modern and antique, blend to contribute to the villa’s unique style. Shelves and walls are covered with authentic art objects and oriental antiques. The blue polished concrete floor, combined with big glass facades in the living areas allow for plenty of light and space while giving a feel of the outdoors.
The teak decking is carried through to the pool area, which is located on an outcropping of the land in the most prime spot of the house overlooking the bay of Steni Vala below and the island of Peristera beyond. The decking is built into the rocks underneath and makes the pool seem to hang in the air, with nothing but bright blue sea below.
From the veranda overlooking the olive trees, the view to the small islands that dot the Alonissos Maritime Park is unlimited.

Julia Klimi



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