Amazing villas in Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos

2DSC_4688 Villa Jura Alon


_DSC5737 Skiathos


_DSC6276 Skiathos


2DSC_4685 Villa Jura

2DSC_4689 Villa Jura Alon

2DSC_4690Villa Jura Alonisos

20DSC_4084 villa Jura

DSC_0467 Marine Park Villa Jura

DSC_0007 Alonisos

DSC_0063 Alonisos

010 Skop & Alonisos

DSC_0078 Steni Vala Alon_

008 Kastani & Milia skopelos

DSC_0541 Alonisos Marine Park

DSC_0780 Alonisos

DSC_0064 Villa Jura Oikeion Alon


020 Skopelos


DSC_0059 Leftos Gialos Amigdalota Alonisos

DSC_3678 Alonisos

DSC_0786 Alon Skopelos

DSC_3743 Skopelos Milia beach

DSC_0079 Chayiati rest fresh tuna & Oikeion Alon

DSC_3938 Skopelos

DSC_3945 Skopelos

DSC_4063 Alon Steni Vala

DSC_4072 Steni Vala

DSC_4295 Ikion Bar Alonisos

DSC_4676 Steni Vala Oikeion

DSC_4696 Alonisos view to Marine Park

DSC_5966 Skiathos

DSC_6039 Skiathos

011 Skopelos

DSC_6356 Skiathos

DSC_6915 Skopelos Port (1)

DSC_7422 Skopelos

DSC_7561 Skopelos

DSC_7565 Skopelos


DSC_7707 Kokkinokastro beach

DSC_7804 Agios Dimitrios Alonisos

DSC_7816 Alonisos

DSC_7845 Elia villa Skopelos

DSC_7849 Elia villa Skopelos

Country dining and living room

DSC_7976 Villa Elia Skopelos

005 Villa Elia Skopelos

DSC_7926 Chora Alon_

DSC_3851 Elia Skop B

014a Ag Ioannis & Pegasus villa Skopelos

006 Alonisos & Elia villa

003 Elissaios villa Skopelos

DSC_8004 Villa Elissaios Skopelos

DSC_7950 Glikopoleio Alonis Chora

DSC_8500a Skopelos

DSC_8974 Skopelos

DSC_8981 Skopelos

DSC_8983 Skopelos

DSC_9738 Alon Marine Park

DSC_9987 Alonisos

DSC_6957 Skopelos

DSC_8056a Alonisos


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      Thank you too!

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