ISV Modern Cycladic, Kea island


Set on the  sculptured rocky landscape of the island of Kea, on a 400 meter  cliff overlooking the sea, amidst the exuberant light and amazing vistas of the Cyclades… This is the location architect Alexander Van Gilder of the Athenian based ISV Architects chose to build a country house for him and his family. In designing it Van Gilder emphasized the importance of the  fluidity of movement in the spaces through the absence of dividing walls, the use of just one colour (grey), vast openings, and total lack of curtains or shades that would block the eye, creating a feeling of absolute freedom, where the interior and exterior become one. Family and friends spend their summers here in the company of the sea- there is a secluded beach right bellow the cliff- , the cooling seasonal winds and the panoramic view to the Aegean and the surrounding islands.

Julia Klimi

03DSC_3929 Modern house exterior looking sea landscape

02DSC_4092 Modern terrace with loungers looking sea landscape


06DSC_4982 Modern white-grey living


08DSC_4976 Modern white-grey living








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