The sense of red

The red of autumn, of the vineyards, of Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphni – the Greek wine varieties.The red of the frescoes, of the clay and the ancient walls, of the Easter eggs and the Greek expression “piase kokkino” (“touch red”), which is uttered after two people say the same thing at the same time. The magic and powerful purple of rare porfyra that the Greek brides wore in the old times, the red of Greek tomato salad, of a magnificent dawn, of the sunset………..the beauty of the GREEK RED!!!!

Corfu town

Symi villa

Filothei's interior (1964) Athens

Silversmithing Museum Ioannina


Nemea vineyards

Marco Polo Mansion Rhodes

Strofylia's plant on autumn

Strofylia National Park

Eumelia Lakonia

Archeological Museum Naxos

Nafplio Hotel. Mama Nena Hotel Chania

Symi house by Dimitris Zographos

Metsovo Museum

Metsovo church

Nemea vineyards

Metsovo Museum. "Sut makalo" Florina's traditional dish.

Ammos Hotel, Chania Crete

Esperas Hotel rest Santorini. Bar “Taxidi” Paxos island

Thessaloniki "Lefkos Pirgos"

Paxos villa

Athens portrait by George Hadoulis. Greek salad at Siparos restart Paros

Nemea vineyards

The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum Tsalapatas in Volos, Greece

Antipaxos island taverna

Chania port, Crete

Spaghetti with Lobster, Apanemi rest Naxos island

Oia Santorini

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