Kasos a remote island


An island truly untouched by tourism, where everyone walks around in their bathing suits and all join in the impromptu merry-making with music, delicious food and good, plain fun.

Boat rides to uninhabited islets and magical beaches of virgin sands and delicate seashells; hearty dinners of the local pasta and miniature  dolmades  that inevitably end up as unplanned parties with live music offered by lyre and lute-players; drives along deserted country roads with the wind whistling in your ears and stops at the shepherds’ homes (mitata); overnight stays in monasteries; treks through fields overgrown with thyme and oregano; afternoon get-togethers under the acacia trees in the village squares; the famous  panigiria  festivals, where everyone becomes friends around the steaming cauldrons of Kasos traditional risotto; Kasiots making up titillating limericks (mantinades) to accompany the strums of the lute; even opera singer Marios Frangoulis, a native of Kasos, lending a hand serving the food: all this and more are features of captivating Kasos. This island of unforgettable experiences opens its arms to the visitor. It may not offer the luxury or sophistication of other Aegean islands, but it has a big heart. Everyone is welcome here.

This wind-swept isle is formed by shrub-covered mountains and dotted with five villages: Fry, the port; Agia Marina, the largest village with a stunning view of   the sunset; Arvanitohori, at the foot of the mountains; Poli, the oldest village with the old fortress ruins; and Panagia, just above the old port of Emborio. Two paved roads lead to the island’s two monasteries: Ai-Yorgis and Agios Mammas while many of the mountain paths lead to remote niches accessible only on foot or by boat. This is Kasos, the place where locals and visitors mingle. Let’s follow them.

Julia Klimi

Karavostasi beach, Little island of Armathia. Kassos, Dodecanese, Greece

DSC_1659 (06)

DSC_1659 (07)

Agia Marina village from the sea. Kasos island

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DSC_1659 (82)

DSC_1659 (84a)

Agios Spyridon church, Bouka harbour Fry, Kasos island

DSC_1659 (89)

Emborios beach and Panagia village from the sea. Kasos island

DSC_1659 (93)

Local style shepherd hut, Oros Prionas, Kassos island, Dodecanese, Greece

Local shepherd in his “mitato” shepherds’ huts, Kasos island

DSC_1659 (95a)

Couple of shepherds in their “mitato” shepherds’ hut, Kasos island

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DSC_1659 (97a)

DSc_1659 (99a)

DSC_1659 (100)

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DSC_1659 (102)

DSC_1659 (104)

DSC_1659 (105)

Neoclassical style captain’s house room, Fry, Kasos island

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DSC_1659 (114)

DSC_1659 (118)

DSC_1659 (118a)

The kitchen of Aghios Mamas monastery, Kassos island, Dodecanese Greece

The hostess of the monastery of St. Mamas, Kassos island

DSC_1659 (122)

Cliffs above the Libyan sea, South Kassos island, Dodecanese, Greece

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DSC_1659 (125)

DSC_1659 (127)

DSC_1659 (128)

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DSC_1659 (134a)

DSC_1659 (135)

DSC_1659 (136)

Street of Arvanitohori village. Kasos island

DSC_1659 (138a)

Marmara beach, Little island of Armathia, Kassos island, Dodecanese, Greece

Church of Arvanitohori village, Kasos ilsland

DSC_1659 (144)

Sailing boat at the port of Fry, Kassos island, Dodecanese, Greece

DSC_1659 (147)

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