Mykonos Villa


The Cyclades, a cluster of islands with eternal houses, which Le Corbusier  referred to as “the archetypes of contemporary architecture”, stand out for their simplicity and functionality. These exact  words in praise of Cycladic architecture were probably what civil engineer Gerasimos Vassilatos, interior decorator Anna Mara Koskorou and the architectural bureau Doxiadis+-assigned with the landscaping- had in mind when designing this residence, since the result is a perfect combination of contemporary aesthetics and simplicity, in perfect harmony with the environment. Set on a large stretch of land in Ai Yannis, on the western coast of the island, far from the cosmopolitan bustle of Mykonos’, sun and clubbing lifestyle, this summer house that belongs to a Greek family is endowed with a breathtaking view of the setting sun behind the mythical islands of Delos, Rinia and Tinos.

The materials it has been built with-stone, lime, reeds, glass and polished cement-are beautifully combined with a mix and match of vintage furniture dating back to the 60’s and 70’s.The house’s greatest advantages are a complete sense of freedom that one feels in its every corner, the natural light that is always where it should be, the numerous outdoor living spaces-one for every hour of the day, which give the inhabitants the opportunity to be  in constant company of nature and, last but not least, the infinity pool, which at dusk becomes one with the expanse of the sea.

Julia Klimi

Traslation Vicky Anastasiadou


2DSC_0570a Modern house exterior in Mykonian landscape

03DSC_0487a Modern living room


05DSC_0607 Modern house exterior


07DSC_0625 Modern house exterior







17DSC_2964 Modern infinity swimming pool

18DSC_2971 Modern infinity swimming pool


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